Water Softeners


What is hard water? The hardness of your water is determined by the contained number of calcium and magnesium grains present. The higher the number of grains per gallon, the harder your water is. The minerals are picked up by soft rain water as it travel down through the soil to the underground water table. Water than comes in contact with limestone (calcium and magnesium rock) has a much higher content of these hard minerals. Softened water has a greatly decreased number of these troublesome elements.

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There a numerous benefits of a water softening system. Not only does food taste better, but dishes are sparkling, instead of spotty and streaky. Clothes are whiter and brighter. Hair and skin are softer and cleaner. Cleaning and washing are much easier, more sanitary and a lot less expensive. This is because less soap, shampoo, detergent and other cleaning agents are needed. Your dishwasher, water tank and other household appliances will operate more efficiently and last longer.

Hard water can pose serious plumbing problems in both residential and commercial applications. From the lack of suds formation in bathing and laundry applications to the costly breakdowns in boilers, cooling towers and other equipment that handle water, water hardness is a serious issue.


Waterite Water Softeners


Cariboo Country is a authorized dealer of a wide assortment of Waterite Water Softeners.
Single Tank, Double Tank or Cabinet. Residential, Commercial and Industrial solutions for hard water.