Hydronic Heating

Hydronic Heating Sales, Installation and Repairs throughout 100 Mile House and the South Cariboo

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Homeowners are looking for quiet, energy efficient heating systems to keep their home comfortable and healthy for the entire family. Hydronic radiant heating fulfills that need and provides a smart residential heating alternative that will help lower your energy costs and impact on the environment.

Underfloor Radiant

Radiant flooring has become very popular for new home construction. It is much easier to add into the concrete or floor joist system during the original building of the home. It can provide consistent comfortable heating evenly throughout the home.

Baseboard Heaters/Radiators

Hydronic baseboard units and radiators can be much easier to install for home remodels because they require less tubing below the floor. They can be inconspicuously located along the walls of a room, but you should make sure they are not blocked by furniture, so that the heat can radiate out into the room. Cariboo Country carries a wide assortment of Radiators, contact us with your requirements.

Outdoor Radiant Heating

  • Snow Melt A radiant heating system for melting snow on the sidewalks and driveway can make you home much safer. Additionally, radiant roof heating can help protect your roof from ice dams and future leaks due to snow and ice buildup.
  • Heated Pools Anyone who likes the feel of a comfortably heated pool will appreciate radiant heating loops beneath the pool walls that allow for an energy efficient way to keep the pool warm and extend the swimming season.