Drain Cleaning & Inspection

Is your sink or toilet backing up?
Cariboo Country can get your drains flowing quickly. Using our various size drain machines we have the right tool for the job.

For 24 hour emergency service call us at 250-706-7607.

Clogged or leaking drainage?

Clogged, Leaking, Backed up or Overflowing drainage pipes can cause serious damage to your home and potentially expose yourself and family to bacteria and disease. Cariboo Country can get your drainage flowing quickly. 24hr emergency service is available. Cariboo Country Plumbing recommends having your drainage pipes cleaned and inspected every 3-4 years to prevent future problems or damage.

Do you know whats in your drainage pipes?

With Cariboo Country video pipe inspection you can quickly see what the problem is and proceed accordingly. Locate blockages, roots or leaks quickly.